Takaoka City

Takaoka City

Takaoka City

If you take a look on a map, you'll find Takaoka in the center of the Japanese archipelago along the Sea of Japan, at latitude 36 north and longitude 137 east. It is almost on the same latitude as San Francisco, Beijing, and Athens.
The population is about 180,000, a small city but the second largest in Toyama Prefecture. The area is 209.32 km2, about hundredth part of the national land. We have hot and humid summer and gloomy winter with a long spell of rainy and snowy days. Dryer is one of the must-have appliances in winter Takaoka.

Sightseeing spots in Takaoka

1.Big Bronze Buddha

Big Bronze Buddha

The Buddha is a symbol of Takaoka, which is the leading producer of bronze ware in Japan. Along with the great Buddhas of Nara and Kamakura, it is one of the three greatest Buddha in Japan.

2.Zuiryuji Temple

Zuiryuji Temple

It is a Zen temple constructed during in the 1600's. The temple is the most famous tourist sight in Takaoka, and it's worth the visit! It was designated as a national treasure in 1997.

3.Takaoka Kojo Park (Old Castle Park)

Takaoka Kojo Park

The vast park (21 ha) located in the city center was built on the remains of the castle built during the Edo period. With one-third of the park covered by the old moat, the park displays the natural beauty of each season. Within the park you will also find the City Auditorium, a shrine, a museum, a zoo, a gymnasium, a restaurant and other facilities. This is a place where people can relax.

4.Amaharashi Beach

Amaharashi Beach

IFrom here, you can enjoy the view of the Tateyama Mountains beyond the Toyama bay. It is a very rare place in the world where you can see mountains as much as 3000 meter high beyond the ocean. But you need to have a good luck because the mountains often dim.

Other Attractions of Takaoka

1.Aeon Shopping Center

An American style large shopping center built a few years ago. It has a cinema complex too! It is the hottest place in Takaoka now.

2.Fresh Seafood

Seafood from Japan Sea is excellent! You can eat the best sushi here in surprisingly lower price than in Tokyo and Osaka. Winter is the best season for many kinds of seafood including crabs.

3.Local Industries

Bronze ware is one of the famous local industries. Takaoka supplies most of bronze bells and statues of Buddhist temples in the whole country. Of course the Takaoka Buddha is made in Takaoka! Lacquer ware (urushi) and aluminum products are also famous.

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