Graduate School of Art and Design (Master's Program)

This graduate program is founded on the courses of Figurative Representation, Crafts, Architectural Design, and Art and Design Theory, and promotes education through created study plans which cross over between courses, responding to students' goals. Practical research is conducted using research methods that cross over between courses for the purpose of unique expression methods and the utilization of their results in society. In order to create spiritually rich regional cultures in future society by utilizing results in the arts through educational research which lead to a deepening of the liberal arts, social creativity will be enhanced by fostering human resources who will eventually take leading roles in society.

Specifically, this curriculum fosters high-level professionals which possess advanced skills representative of artists who will be responsible for artistic culture in the new age, advanced skills representative of creative industry coordinators, and advanced skills representative of leaders of future local cultures.

• Figurative Representation Courses
Courses related to various types of artistic expression, such as 2D and 3D modeling as well as media art creation.
• Crafts Courses
These courses offer a deep balanced study of craft related materials, applications, aesthetics, approach to molding, processing techniques, styles, originality, etc. to create world-class value with one's identity at the core.
• Architectural Design Courses
Courses related to various design expression skills, comprehensive planning and coordination skills for the design and construction of living environments and urban development, restoration of traditional culture, region creation, and creative industry.
• Art and Design Theory Courses
Courses related to universal values viewed from the familiar standpoints of the world, Japan, local regions, and people, as well as theory of regional art culture originating from traditional culture.