Building and Enriching Communities through Art and Traditional Culture

Creating New Value through Connections — This is the Heart of Curation

“Curation” refers to the techniques needed to pick out information and items of value from a variety of sources and materials, then organize, edit, and present it, based on systematic knowledge. By using an original point of view to connect people, things, and regions with one another, it is possible to create new value within regional society. As modern society faces the serious issue of regional revitalization, it is through curation that solutions will be brought together.

Regional Society Needs Curators

The word “curation” originally comes from “curator,” referring to a specialist at a museum. Nowadays, however, curation extends far beyond museum collections — it is a way of thinking that has spread to education, IT, business administration, and many other environments. Curation skills can be developed by studying specialized fields such as the history and theory of art and cultural properties, as well as exhibition techniques, cultural policy, and designs that make use of regional landscapes or traditions. We cultivate human resources with the curation skills to increase the appeal of a town, region, or society, through art, traditional culture, and more.

We Can't Wait to See Your Contributions to Building a Rich Regional Community

The Curation course is perfect for people more interested in discovering and learning about an area's background than in producing things on their own, as well as for people passionate about community-building and regional development. Graduates of the course have gone on to use their specialties working for local governments, mass media, businesses related to traditional industry and tourism, galleries, and more. In addition, students interested in further study may continue to our graduate program.

Certification Available: Museum Curator Certification
Recommended Certifications: First Class Junior High School Teacher's License (Fine Arts), First Class High School Teacher's License (Fine Arts)