Literacy of Art and Design

A Cornerstone for Creators, Users, and Facilitators Alike

Literacy of Art and Design is a collection of classes that provide specialized fundamentals, taken by all Geibun students. In addition to general academic classes taken by all students of the University of Toyama, Literacy of Art and Design serves as the first academic step toward specialization before choosing a course, whether fine arts and craft, design, architecture, or curation. These classes are taken by all students going into any of the four courses offered at Geibun, in order to provide an education in the fundamentals, and cover topics such as figurative representation, CG, measurement and experimental technique, understanding raw materials, planning, history and scientific understanding of art and traditional culture, art and culture of the world, linguistic communication, presentations, information processing, information services, and more, built around a focus on fundamentals of art (for creators), fundamentals of culture (for users), and fundamentals of communication (for facilitators).