Fine Arts and Craft

Creating New Artistic Expression through Refined Sense of Beauty and Excellent Technique

In the Fine Arts and Craft course, students study the production and presentation of fine arts and craft, such as pictorial art, sculpture, media art, metal craft, and Japanese urushi lacquer craft. Students select a field to specialize in for more in-depth study, while still engaging in cross-disciplinary study of other fields as well. By transcending existing boundaries, it becomes possible to discover new specializations and diversity: for example, by studying both classical painting techniques and media art, one may develop new sensations, or one might discover new value when appreciating modern sculpture side by side with crafts.
Through these activities, students learn to consider existing traditional techniques and sense of beauty, alongside the artistic expression and production of the future, to develop their own originality based on their individual nature and sensibility.

Certifications Available: First Class Junior High School Teacher's License (Fine Arts), First Class High School Teacher's License (Fine Arts), Museum Curator Certification